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Gray Beard
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  Posted on 5/23/2015 9:18:45 AM

The Glory Pig sailed slowly into the harbor at Ellaybe Island. Gray Beard stood just to
the left of the big double wheels that was manned by two crew members.
Something wasn't right. The port and quays were normally busy with longshoremen
loading the LIB ships and carrying plunder from the vessels docked there. Today,
other one or two abandoned hulks, half sunk with tattered sails
ands rigging the harbor seemed deserted except for the Glory

Suddenly the lookout called; “Sail ho astern”

Reggie Crawfurd the 2nd Mate climbed three or four rungs up the starboard ratlines
on the mizzen mast and pulling a small telescope from his pocket said;
“Three mast, looks like maybe 40 cannon seems to have been been
through a storm”

“What is the ship's name, what name?” called Gray Beard.

“Can't see a name and don't recognize the ship but it appears to be barely afloat.
Not a threat to us or the port” replied the young 2nd Mate.

Gray Beard paced from the wheel to the port rail and then back across
the deck to the starbord rail then back to the wheel.
“Where is harbor galley?” he asked louder than he intended.

Taking his absent minded though as a request for information Reggie
ceased looking at the ship behind them and scanned the shoreline.

“Captain, the harbor galley is over on the beach. Seems there is none to man it”

Gray Beard fished in his pocket for his pipe and bag of tobacco. He filled the pipe
and retrieving a match from the same pocket stuck on the mizzen mast and lit his smoke.

“Mr Crawfurd,” he shouted; “Break out the long boat to warp us to the quay.”

“Aye Sir,” the second mate responded

By this time the 1st mate had joined Gray Bead on deck and the tall pirate nodded to
acknowledge his presence before speaking; “Mr Campagnolo secure the
sails prepare the ship to be towed to the quay”

“Shouldn't we wait for the harbor control Cap'n?” the ex-Dominican Friar asked.

“No, I don't think there is anyone on duty today. We'll have to do it our self.”
replied Gray Beard. “We need to see if we can figure out what happened here”

An hour later Gray Beard, his first officer, Yolanda D'Trollip and Gaye Horie his
trade captains came ashore with a contingent of 15 men leaving the Glory Pig
in charge of Reggie Crawfurd with instruction to send a runner if any more ships
appeared in the harbor. All of the shore party were armed with cutlasses and pistols.

“Arrrgh, I never thought I'd have to walk through the streets of Ellaybe armed.”
said the normally unflappable Justin Campagnolo. Several members of the party
grunted agreement with this statement.

It took about 20 minutes to walk through the deserted streets. From the docks
to the upper town. Sur'rakner's shipyard was boarded up.
Hose Head's Mercantile was closed as was the chandlers, the foundry other building
in the town. The tavern was deserted but since it had never had a door the group
walked in. The blind gunner Julius Ironcast, the only person in the tavern
called out as they entered; “Who goes there? Be ye LIB or not
welcome. Thanks be, for rescuing me.”

“Julius my friend,” exclaimed Gray Beard happy to see someone who might could
explain what had happened; “It is truly good to see you. What
happened here”

“Welp,” replied the old blind man who had, at one time been an officer on several
LIB ships;”bring me a taste 'o rum and I'll tells ye”

Gray Beard walked behind the bar and filled a flagon from the rum
barrel stored
there it was empty so he sent three crew members to the storeroom
for a new
barrel. It took about 5 minutes for them to get a new barrel from
the storeroom
wrestled into place. While this was going on Julius Ironcast began
to weep tears
of joy. It had been a long time since anyone but him was in the port
and it had been difficult for the old blind man to find food and drink.
Once the barrel of rum was in place Gray Beard nodded to his 1st mate
who in turn pointed to a crewman named John Whittle who became
the bar tender for the rest of the group. They'd also found a smoked
ham, preserved cabbage and olives so that the group had not only
drink but an impromptu meal.

Gray Beard and Justin Campagnolo sat with Julius, poured him four
fingers of rum and Gray Beard asked; “So Julius what happened?”
The 80 year old blind gunner took a long drink of rum before he started
to reply; “Welp Cap'n Beard it all started about a year ago.”

To be continued
I do not know if the formatting problems are only my computer or still a bug in the site

(please bring your ship to port and feel free to put words in Julius Ironcast mouth)

  Edited on 5/23/2015 9:40:36 AM
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Gray Beard
Smuggler, Pirate, Man-o-Fortune
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