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All Forums>> Other Games >> Technical tips & advice >> Anybody taking the Win 7 Plunge?
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Joined: 3/31/2002
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  Posted on 10/15/2009
Anybody upgrading?  Should I?  64 vs. 32?  etc. etc.

I have Vista 32 bit on my home computer for some time now.  Yeah, it's on my list of things I never should have done in my life.  I have had more trouble with it than any version of Windows since 1.11 (I really have that one -- was nothing more than a glorified version of Xtree that never worked).  

My last Vista crash required me to use Acronis to make a back up image of the entire hard drive, then restore the hard drive without Vista drivers and then copy in the drivers from the Vista DVD -- O...M...F'n...G!  Took me two months to figure out how to do it, and another month to get it to work.

So now the darn thing's crashed again with a "logon process initialization failure" bootup error that no safeboot, repair, restore, etc. can fix.  Per web advice, I copied my boot log Activation.etvx file from that Vista machine to another to view it in the Event viewer, and I have been trying to fix the computer-nerd-speak errors listed in there by booting into DOS from the Vista DVD, to no avail.  I figure it will take months of trial and error again.

So.....methinks my last crash is a sign to upgrade, since Win7 is a week away.

But I'm not so optimistic as other folks about Win7 solving all the Vista problems.  Being an old fart who bitches at all change, I'll go on record saying that I bet it just makes things even harder.  I judge this from an article I read a long time ago saying that the main user interface person designing Win7 was the lady who designed the user interface for the ungodly perverse Office 2007 that I curse at least 100 times every day -- the darn thing forces old dogs to learn the new tricks by not letting you use old Office menus -- which I just started learning after 20 years of running WordPerfect for DOS.  Every time I want to do something the menus and tasks change and disappear.  Cripes what a load of crapola!

But if I'm going to be bitching for three months just to get Vista fixed (and then what do I have -- Vista?), then I figure I can use than same three months bitching about Win7 and have many of my gripes behind me.

My current thinking is to buy a new hard drive and start from scratch with the 64 bit Win7 (and stick the Vista hard drive where the sun don't shine -- I mean my closet you sickos).  I've been slowly upgrading my jungle computer since my return from the Sandwich Isles, so it should be able to handle it.  

Anybody else thinking along these lines?  Would it be better to do the 32 bit version?  Or just use my computer for a footrest for six months & watch netflix's until I see what public reaction to Win7 is like?
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Captain Mako
Joined: 1/29/2003
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  Posted on 10/16/2009
I'd love to be able to upgrade as soon as Win7 comes out, but most likely I'll probably end up waiting awhile. I've got my old desktop running XP Pro, and then mainly use a laptop I got this summer running Vista Home 64bit. Would probably upgrade the laptop first. Kind of sucks because I got it just before they did the deal where you get a free upgrade. Might wait on the desktop and just build a new one instead.

Of course, first I need to be able to afford all of this... lol
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Gray Beard
Joined: 5/27/2002
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  Posted on 10/22/2009
Windows 7 is actually very good.

I still have some issues with Micro-soft but Windows 7 is what all MS products should have been. You can also upgrade through direct download at the MS site for USD $40.00 bucks or something like that. (My screen shows HK dollars) avoid ing the high startup cost ;D
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Gray Beard
Smuggler, Pirate, Man-o-Fortune
Joined: 3/31/2002
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  Posted on 3/17/2010
I wound up getting a solid state hard drive and putting Win7 64 bit on it.  It seems identical to Vista in looks and the functions that I use.  The pessimist in me (I prefer to call it the pissimist) thinks MS just deliberately hyped it as something really different to try to get out of the Vista hole they dug -- Like that New Coke flap.

One thing I'll give it though is that it hasn't crashed now in three months.  Also, I did a motherboard swap that would have required a new installation under Vista, and Win7 was able to update and work without a complete reinstall.  And, even though the 64-bit killed my scanner (I have an old HP scanner that has outlived two fancy ones, but no new drivers), I was able to get it working using the XP-window thing.

That's a record for me lately having that much go right with windows.  So maybe something's better under the hood.

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Joined: 10/26/2003
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  Posted on 3/18/2010
If you have only Vista, in this situation I think there is no reason waiting further. But if you have some legal Win XP to disposition I would revert to it and wait for some time yet. I still using Win XP and I am fully satisfied with it. I think it is still the best Microsoft's operation system. Win 7 will be better but I think it will take some time yet.  ;)

Once I did similar  injudiciousnes when I bought Windows Millenium. I paid for it about 110 bucks and I had it installed only a fortnight.  :P

If you will decide to buy Win7 be careful and find out if you processor support 64 bit version. If not Windows wouldn't work probably.  ;)

If you would want to buy a new hardrive I would have a tip for you. This hardrive is really great. Here is a link ;)

Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB

Yesterday I bough new LCD TV/PC monitor Samsung SyncMaster P2770HD. It has diagonal 27" and although I bought it as a normal TV I can take it and plug it into my computer as regular monitor. I think I will definitely try this for the reason I could see how games look like at such huge monitor. It has full HD resolution and both TV tuners - analog and digital. It is completely new model and it seems to me as we try to find it at american servers it isn't sold in US yet. Here is at least my favorite Czech website and shop where I do almost all my computer shoppings with this combined TV-monitor. This Alpha computer has headquarter in our Ostrava. DVD films look really very nicely at it. I like Samsung very much. I have several products from Samsung (two monitors, one LCD TV, a hardrive and two DVD drives and all are first-quality.    )

Samsung P2770HD
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All Forums>> Other Games >> Technical tips & advice >> Anybody taking the Win 7 Plunge?
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