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Ben Gun
Joined: 4/3/2002
1167 Posts


  Posted on 10/7/2005
Well I am now seriously moving to upgrade mi computer now lads, having just pillaged a couple on Galleons. (LOL) :o :o

I got what ye all have said so far on sound cards.

I need:

1. A new mother board.
2. A new chip.
3. More RAM
4. A DVD re-Writer.
5. A couple of Hard Drives.
6. Probably new sound card.

(I don't think that I will need a video card just yet, as I have a 'ABIT Siluro GF4 Ti600' job which I got not all that long ago.) 8)

Now I would appreciate your feed back here guys regarding what I am looking for. I already have 448 megs of ram but would like to get to a 'gig' if possible.

I can't find a DURON chip of any substance, perhaps you guys know? ??? ???

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Joined: 10/26/2003
2809 Posts


  Posted on 10/7/2005
Hi, Ben. Motherboard is the most important component in computer. If you want just now to buy a new one I would recommend to choose the AMD plaform and not Pentium platform because I think these processors on the base of Athlons are cheaper and faster than Pentiums. I have Barton 2500@3200 MHz and I am very satisfied with it. But it is only 32 bit processor not 64 bit one. I would recommend to buy some good motherboard for these new 64 bit processors of the good mark, for example Asustek, Gigabyte, or something like that. I dont have good experiences with Microstar motherboards. They all stopped working for me after some time. Their bioses are very vulnerable to damage. And then to buy some complying processor with it. I have 32 bit Asustek motherboard with chipset KT600 and it is completely stable. My computer almost never freezes now but it is caused by my great RAM, I think.

As RAM I would recommend the mark Corsair. These RAMs are quite expensive but if you buy two 500 MB moduls or 1 GB modul you probably wont be any problems with freezing computer. But I wouldt recommend to combine them with your old RAM. But there are several kinds of those Corsairs RAM so you would have to choose carefuly. In the past I had various RAMs but I always have some difficulties with freezing my computers. But now for the first time I dont have any. And for every motherboad there are recommended some marks of RAM too.

If you will hold your current video card GF 4600 Ti, your computer will be slowering by this card substanially as my was. I had GF 4200 Ti and only several days ago I bought the new card GF 6600GT from Gainward. And after some testing my points at 3D Mark 2003 increased from 1280 to 7620 approximately. So, you can see the difference. You can have a look at my post here about this card. But you can buy any new card any later. I do it this way too regularly.

From the hardrive I would recommed Hitachi (IBM) hardrives. The are very fast. I have two of them on my computer 160 GB and 80 GB.

I think about the Sound card we talked many time already and I would only repeated myself. If there isnt any new, better model of SB Audigy ( I dont know it) because I am not interesting in it lately I could only recommend SB Audigy II as most compatible standard. ;)

Oh, I forgot something very important! You will be compelled to by new video card with this uprade anyway because you probably have your old motherboard and this GF 4600 Ti for AGP bus but all the new types of motherboard are designed and produced only with the new PC express bus for video cards. Except you would decide to buy some older type of motherboard with AGP bus for video card which is unfortunately completely unperspective. Remember that, please. :P
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H. Barbarossa
Joined: 10/30/2002
2630 Posts


  Posted on 10/8/2005

If you decide on an Intel system rather than an AMD one, make sure that your motherboard has Intel chipset on it, NOT Via or SIS. A Pentium 4 HT CPU (any faster than 2.8G) will do your job. Look for SATA connectivity on your mobo so that you will be able to port one of those gigantic 300 G disks, which I'm hoping to do in near future if plunder goes all well. ;D

We've got 512M RAM but I say you go for 1G fr it will pay off in the future. Get laid with an Audigy II soundcard and one big 300G SATA HD. As for DVD writer, make sure it's one of the combo models that can read/write in all formats (+R, -R etc.) and one that supports double sided (doual double layer, ie 10G capacity) disks. My Sony is OK but sometimes bitches with older CDs, for which I use my Plextor CD/RW. ;) Plextor is the high king with its top price but LG is also a popular and trusted brand for both CD and DVD writers.

As a general guideline but not a rule, Pentium HT systems are favoured for multitasking and AMD Athlons for gaming.

Good luck old bro!

  Edited on 10/8/2005
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 Hayreddin Barbarossa, aka Mouzafphaerre/Urwendil/Urwendur/Kibilturg...
by Ben Gunn
All Forums>> Other Games >> Technical tips & advice >> GETTING READY NOW L:ADS
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